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Licensed Bankruptcy Trustees in Ontario


On this page we provide a list of Ontario bankruptcy trustees licenced by the Government to provide personal bankruptcy and consumer proposal services to Ontario residents.

If you would like to get a free analysis and evaluation of your situation and of the options available to you for dealing with debt, please fill in and submit the Free Evaluation form below. A trustee from the city you select will contact you within 24 hours with answers to your questions, either by phone or by email - as you choose.

If you prefer, you can also meet with a trustee near you in person, for a free, no obligation consultation. To arrange for your consultation, please contact Ontario bankruptcy trustee in your city.

Contact Ontario Bankruptcy Trustee Near You

7700Hurontario Street
Second Floor
Phone: 310-PLAN
218 Brant Avenue
Phone: (519) 770-4440
8 George Street North
2nd Floor
Phone: (519) 622-3773
75 Thames Street
Phone: (519) 351-2323
54 West Street
Phone: (519) 524-7526
300 Willow Road
Phone: (519) 823-0330
1030 Upper James
Suite 301
Phone: (905) 777-0770
607 King Street West
Suite 204
Phone: (519) 747-0660
Fax: (519) 747-2418
75 Erie Street South
Phone: (519) 326-1467
229 Welling Road South
Phone: (519) 435-1500
33 City Centre Drive
5th Floor, Suite 546
Phone: (905) 848-3649 is a free resource
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