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Bankruptcy Alternatives During an Economic Crisis


The “credit crunch” of 2008 has lead to more government bailouts and a deeper recession in 2009; many experts are now even predicting a depression. What impact does this have on your bankruptcy alternatives?


If your home equity continues to increase, and if you are getting lots of hours at work, you probably qualify for a debt consolidation loan. However, during a recession when your house is declining in value and foreclosures are on the rise, and when your income is going down, a debt consolidation loan is probably neither affordable or something you can qualify for until the economy bounces back.

If you have a good job and good income, Americans could file a Chapter 13 Wage Earner Plan, and Canadians could file a consumer proposal. Under these legal arrangements you repay a portion of your debts, and avoid having to file bankruptcy. However, to repay a portion of your debts you need an income, and if you are unemployed or working reduced hours, you may not have the income to do a Chapter 13 filing or a consumer proposal.

In other words, the recession has made it more difficult to take advantage of the bankruptcy alternatives that worked so well in the past.

What can you do? Cut your expenses, make a budget, find a part time job, sell any assets you have to raise cash, and ride out the storm. The economy will eventually improve; the trick is to keep your head above water long enough to allow you to benefit when the better times return.

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