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While your consider your bankruptcy alternatives, understand why people file for personal bankruptcy

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On this site we discuss the most popular bankruptcy alternatives. However, for some people, bankruptcy may be the only option.

Why should I consider filing for personal bankruptcy?

The editors of want you to understand all of your options. That's why we created this site. Because filing for personal bankruptcy is the last resort when dealing with financial problems, we want you to understand all of your options. To understand your bankruptcy alternatives, you need to understand personal bankruptcy, and why people file for personal bankruptcy. There are many reasons.

First, personal bankruptcy gives you a fresh start. Whether you file personal bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 in the United States, or under the laws in the country where you live, personal bankruptcy is designed to discharge your debts. Without the burden of debt payments each month, you can get on with your life. It's a fresh start.

Of course your personal bankruptcy will be disclosed on your credit report, so your credit will not be perfect, but the fresh start is a result of the discharging of your debts.

Second, filing for personal bankruptcy stops wage garnishments. If you owe money and a creditor takes you to court and obtains a judgment so they can garnishee your wages, you may have no option but to go bankrupt. Stopping a wage garnishment and other legal actions is a significant benefit that can often only be gained by starting the formal bankruptcy process.

Third, filing personal bankruptcy relieves stress on you and your family. If you are getting collection calls at home and at work you are suffering, but your family is also suffering. Filing bankruptcy may benefit your family as much as it benefits you.

We called this site for a reason. We want you to understand all of your bankruptcy alternatives, so you can make an informed decision. is a free resource
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